Experience the rhythms of Brazil through samba and the drum beat in a Favela Community. Take a tour of the Community Center. Interact with the welcoming locals, learn to Samba and beat the drum and tambourine. An Experience you will never forget!



Example Itinerary:

4:30 PM –  7:30 PM
Meeting Point: Ipanema
Bilingual Jinga Experience Group Leader + Local Guide
Tour of Community Center
Learn to dance Samba
Learn to play the traditional drum

  • Seasonal Event (local spring & summer seasons)

TripAdvisor - Jinga Experience

My wife and I loved our 6 day 'Cultura Experience' through Jinga Experience. The professionalism of our guide (Thanks again Evan!) and the attention to detail that was put into our 6 day program was a notch above any other tour we have taken. Hitting the ground in Rio we knew right away that we had made a good decision booking the first part of stay through an experienced company - the city is incredibly beautiful and alive but we knew it would take us a few days to get our feet on the ground and feel comfortable in this fast-paced foreign culture. Our tour started in Paraty - honestly this was our favorite part of the trip. Neither of us had even heard of this cute little colonial town before booking. We felt like we were visiting old friends as our guide Evan introduced us to his favorite restaurants and markets and did an amazing job of teaching us about the areas historical slave culture and how it affected the rest of Brazil. I can't highlight enough how great it was to have a guide that was truly bilingual in both English and Portuguese. We felt like locals as we avoided the crowds and got right to the heart of the town as we explored Paraty's cobblestone streets. Our last 3 days were spent exploring Rio. I felt like we saw more of Rio in 3 days then we could have in a week by ourselves. From a mesmerizing trip through Rio's beautiful Contemporary Art Museum to an insider's look at the vibrant culture inside of Rio's favelas our guide Evan did a great job of personalizing the tour to our interests. We would have never dared to venture into the favelas alone, but after Evan explained that he had lived and worked on the edge of the favelas for many years we agreed and had an experience I feel very few visitors to Rio ever get. Thanks again Evan and all of you at Jinga Experience for all of your effort making our trip to Rio a vacation that we won't ever forget! Cheers,
Helene and Brendan Mulholland
Travelers / Boulder, CO
Planning our trip to Rio you were excited but also nervous about our first adventure to south America. The moment we landed the Farr Brothers put our minds at ease as they arranged a private driver to escort us to and from the airport. This Perk alone is invaluable. With our minds at piece we are able to fully enjoy our time in Rio. Our trip highlights included paddle boarding on Copacabana Beach, walking through the Brazilian botanical gardens and a two day trip to Ilha grande (a rain forest island 2 hours south of Rio) ...and of course the Christo! Needless to say we had an unbelievable trip. There's no way that this would've been possible without Farr Brothers' comforting guidance and exquisite knowledge of the Brazilian culture.
Roger and Marie Pasinski
I was so excited to visit Rio and had heard so much about what the city has to offer. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected what I experienced. With the lovely guides of Jinga, Evan and Alexander, I was able to see, taste, dance, listen, touch, and experience the treasures of Rio that are truly unique to this vibrant city. Some of the highlights in the 3 day cultura experience included the city tour, which was extremely informational and a great foundation for my understanding of the city and the history of Rio. At the end of the tour we took a Trolly ride on top of the arches and had a great snack at a local coffee shop in Santa Teresa, loved it! That evening we were shown the best of Rio's night life able to take it all in while still feeling like a local thanks to Evan and Alexander's hospitality! The next day we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, which had the most amazing view of the city!! After this dose of culture, we were lead to one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio! Lastly, we were able to experience the true, honest face of Rio: it's favelas. Without the guidance of Jinga I don't think I would have ventured in these parts unknowingly. They allowed us to experience something that is so unique to the Brazilian culture and will remember forever! I would highly recommend Jinga for experiencing the gems of Rio! The guides were genuinely hospitable as well as excited about sharing some of their world with all of us!
Megan Runyon
Traveler / San Francisco, CA
The 3 Day Culture tour by Jinga was a huge highlight of my Brazil trip! I had my reluctance about a 3 Day Tour, but after going around with the guide, Alexander, I was so happy I did. The city tour was full, we trekked all over and I got a real sense of the Downtown (Santa Teresa is awesome!). The day at the Niemeyer museum with the lunch, and the beach after was perfect, even though it rained for a little. Alexander really was a genuine tour guide, gave us our space and helped when needed. I felt comfortable the whole time. I will definitely recommend Jinga to anyone spending time in Rio.
Alex Hanbury
Traveler / Boston
Gracias al 3 Day Cultura Experience he podido disfrutar de la cultura real de Rio, las partes lindas e también una favela (que fue super interesante!), la arte, la arquitectura, las danzas y de la deliciosa comida de este país! he aprendido que Brasil es mucho más que fútbol y playas!
Eduardo Alvarez
Traveler / Madrid, Spain

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