2018 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tour: The Best of Rio – 4 Days

4 Day action packed experience – 2018 Rio de Janeiro Carnival in all its glory.

Attend the extraordinary Samba School Parade. Be immersed in the best Rio de Janeiro Bloco, a neighborhood Block Party that has the real rhythm of Carnival. Join fellow travelers and Brazilians to sing, dance, dress up, and celebrate!

Come visit the 7th wonder of the world, the Christ the Redeemer. Dip into the waterfalls. Enjoy the pristine beaches. Explore the National Park. Visit a favela community and hike to the best view points.

INCLUDING: Entrance Ticket to the Samba School Parade at the Sambródomo (Sapucaí) on Sunday Night!

*CHOOSE to become an honored guest of the Salgueiro Samba School or Académicos do Grande Rio Samba School. Get your own custom costume, and participate directly in the Parade WITH the SAMBA SCHOOL!

Start Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018



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