2018 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tour: The Best of Rio – 4 Days

4 Day action packed experience – 2018 Rio de Janeiro Carnival in all its glory.

Attend the extraordinary Samba School Parade. Be immersed in the best Rio de Janeiro Bloco, a neighborhood Block Party that has the real rhythm of Carnival. Join fellow travelers and Brazilians to sing, dance, dress up, and celebrate!

Come visit the 7th wonder of the world, the Christ the Redeemer. Dip into the waterfalls. Enjoy the pristine beaches. Explore the National Park. Visit a favela community and hike to the best view points.

INCLUDING: Entrance Ticket to the Samba School Parade at the Sambródomo (Sapucaí) on Sunday Night!

*CHOOSE to become an honored guest of the Salgueiro Samba School or Académicos do Grande Rio Samba School. Get your own custom costume, and participate directly in the Parade WITH the SAMBA SCHOOL!

Start Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018



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Come immerse yourself in the pinnacle of Brazilian Culture with the locals! This is the 2018 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tour: Best of Rio in 4 Days.

Dive into the best hand selected Rio de Janeiro Bloco – neighborhood street party where people gather dressed in coordinated costumes, quickly put together costumes, bathings suits, or anything they can find in the closet. The animated crowds follow close behind a moving or stationary stage with their favorite local band playing popular songs, singing and dancing enjoying their favorite time of year.
Also experience how dynamic Rio de Janeiro is after the Carnival Experience. Dip into the waterfalls. Lay on the pristine beaches. Explore the National Park. Visit a favela community and hike to the top of an amazing view point. See the 7th wonder of the world the Christ the Redeemer!
*SUNDAY NIGHT we meet together before the famous Samba School Parade at the Sambódromo (Sapucaí). We have one of two options:
-Watch and cheer at the marvel of the samba schools parade from the grandstands with fellow Brazilians and foreigners.
-Be an honored guest of the Samba School, wear their eclectic costume, and participate directly in the famous parade. Be centerstage among the colors, the confetti, the energy, and the history.

Feel, live, and celebrate this special event like the locals do and have an experience of a lifetime!



Group Carnival Block Party with drinks, waters, and snacks

Waterfall swims & Beach excursions

Transportationto and from activities with snacks

Entrance to Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer)

Amazing View Points & Hikes

Bilingual Jinga Group Leader Everyday

Samba School Parade Grandstand Entrance

and Participation in Samba School Parade

*choose to include this in the experience
– This 4 day Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tour involves active activities thus a certain level of fitness is required.

DAY 1 (Saturday)

Early Afternoon Group Meet Up at centrally located meeting point
Introduction & orientation by Jinga Group Leader
Get excited!
Bloco: to be determined
Start time: 1 pm
Drinks (Caipirinhas and Popsicles), Water, Snacks included
Transportation Included

DAY 2 (Sunday)

9 am Group meet up at centrally located meeting point
Drive to Barra de Guaratiba
Choose: Hike (45 min up – hiking grade – medium) or Stand Up Paddle (additional rental cost)
Stop at Grumari Beach
Stop for lunch at Mirante da Prainha Restaurant
Transportation Included
Snacks Included
Return at 5 pm

Sunday Night: Samba School Parade at Sambódromo 10 pm – 4 am
Meet up at centrally located meeting point at 9 pm
Costume delivery and/or Ticket delivery

DAY 3 (Monday)

1 pm Group meet up at centrally located meeting point
Vista Chinesa View Point Visit
Waterfall Hike (10 min up – steep terrain) – Swimmable!
Hang Gliding Platform View Point Visit
Sunset Christ the Redeemer Visit
Entrance Included
Transportation Included
Return at 6 pm

DAY 4 (Tuesday)

9 am Group meet Up at centrally located meeting point
Favela Experience & Hike (45 min up – hiking level – medium/difficult)
(Visit Vidigal Favela community – learn about the history and the new social projects; hike to the top of the Dois Irmãos; stop for a snack; visit the street art plaza; come down through the small streets of the community – an unforgettable experience!)
Snack included
Transportation Included
Local Community Guide


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TripAdvisor - Jinga Experience

Traveling solo through South America was awesome and coming to Rio was the last leg of my trip. After my stay in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Igaussu, this was going to be amazing but I had no idea what it was going to be like! On the plane I remembered that I didnt speak Portuguese! Enter Evan - By far the best part of my 2 weeks in SA. Evan, was everything that you could want or ask for from a guide in a country vast and beautiful like Rio. His intimate knowledge and passion shows when hes taking you around, knowing the places and people and architecture - not the crowded tourist stuff. He will take you as far and high as you want to go (or not). When I go back, its the only person I am calling or would recommend in Rio. As a reference, I spent 9 years with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and Evan and his brothers surpass that in every way possible if you want to get the REAL RIO EXPERIENCE! Valeu Valeu!
Pete Estrada
San Francisco, CA
The time of my life! I cant't say enough about how energetic, knowledgable, and organized the Farr brothers were with me and my two buddies who did the 3 day Aventura experience. I'll NEVER forget the (roller coaster) Moto Taxi ride up through the favela followed by the hike (which I never would have found without Evan leading the way). My buddies and I wanted an active trip as we only had a few days in Rio, and it exceeded our expectations. After some great exercise and amazing views in the day, Evan took us to some street parties and fun bars that made me feel like I was really mixing with the locals. Even though we were only in Rio for a few days, I left the city feeling as though I had a good feel for it- the city tour brought us to some really cool neighborhoods and tasty food spots (thank god the Farr brothers are fluent in Portuguese- I wouldn't have been able to order anything!) We even squeezed in a relaxing beach session at an awesome beach that seems to be off the tourist grid, which was refreshing. I wish every city that we went to had high energy tours and tour guides like this one- Rio is definitely the highlight of our Brazil trip. I HIGHLY recommend Jinga Experience, and again, thank you Evan, Nick, and Alexander for giving me memories that'll last a lifetime!
Stuart Polsky
Traveler / Boulder, CO
"I'm a regularly traveler always looking for a new adventure. I only had a short period of time so I wanted to try and pack in as much as possible for my Brazil experience - this place nailed it. I saw so much in such a tight window. The tour guides were awesome. They handled transportation and all other logistics for each experience which eliminated all the stress for someone like me who did not speak the native language. They also helped me understand and relate to the local traditions and cultures. I feel like on this trip, even though it was quick, I got a really good well rounded view of what Brazil has to offer.....beautiful beaches, outgoing and warm culture, surprising urban adventures and A LOT of memories!!"
Adam Sussman
Traveler / Boston, MA
I had a fantastic time in Rio thanks to Jinga Experience! 3 day Adventure trip was exactly what i needed, full of exciting activities. We hiked in breathtaking places of Rio and tasted delicious local foods, been to beautiful beaches. Hang gliding was the most scared and excited i have ever been but totally worth it. And i cannot forget the trip to Prainha, soooo incredible! I couldn’t enjoy Rio more, Alexander was a great guide, extremely fun and attentive. I highly recommend Jinga if you are visiting Rio, you will not regret. Hope to visit this amazing city once again.
Merve Kosova
Traveler / Istanbul, Turkey
I went to Rio by myself, an amazing city and its a city that you need be guided, because there are many plans, so I took the 6 day cultura package and it was the best decision ever!!! I wouldn't have done these plans myself, these guys were awesome, great and organized. 6 days were like 6 months!!!! I had really good time and since this trip I consider these guys my friends! Thank you for making feel like home and make my trip easier!!
Borja Aguirre
Student / Abu Dhabi
I've been several time in Rio de Janeiro, the last time this summer and can say that Jinga Experience was really worth it. It was the best way to get to know the city. I chose the Aventura Experience and they took me to the best hikes in the city (up to two brothers mountain), favelas and many other places. I really recommend this experience!
Jaime de Francisco
Traveler / Madrid, Spain
One of my main concerns with the idea of travel packages is that in creating an accessible avenue of adventure, they will wipe out the avenues to organic adventures they mean to represent. HOWEVER, every adventure involves some uncertainty, some risk. For me, choosing Jinga for my FIRST travel package adventure was a risk and reward that I will never forget. I usually travel for months, taking my time to figure things out. Without that wealth of time, the Jinga 8-Day Aventura Experience proved to be the carefree adrenaline stacked cheat sheet I needed to adapt to my new travel situation. As travelers that love the land they have chosen for their home, Nick, Evan, and Alexander, know the deal. Organized, but not processed. Made my un-refundable time worth every penny. Great job!
Ethan Archundia
Traveler / Puebla, Mexico

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