Why Are Multiple Day Tours Best

So why does Jinga Experience prefer multiple day tours?

Short answer: A typical single day tour stinks.

Long answer: You’re packed in a coach bus surrounded with sunburned tourists; you know, the kind that wear socks AND sandals. You try and catch glimpses of the local way of life as a guide makes corny jokes over a microphone about the history of someone with a street named after her. When you reach the destination you are given short and exact times to come back to the meeting point; you have a 5 second window to snap the photo you paid the entire tour for; and just as you finally begin to connect with the architecture of a colonial building or the view from a breathtaking vantage point, well, sorry, but it’s time to move onto the next spot.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s your typical day tour. We’ve all been on them. They all seemed like a good idea when visiting a new city for the first time. But the reality is, on day tours you visit the city’s least authentic places. You leave with a few typical pictures, a lighter wallet and not much else.

The truth of the matter is: day tours are NOT about an experience. They are what make tours touristy.

They are quick, fake, and the same every time. By nature, day tours are designed to be repetitive and to pack as much as possible into as little time as possible. This way, you can go home from your trip, show your friends and family pictures of all of the things that you saw. If this is your ideal way of travel, the Jinga Experience is NOT for you.

With Jinga Experience, the goal is not to see; it is to feel.

You are not a spectator in this experience; you are the driver.

Don’t get us wrong, pictures and selfies are welcome every once in a while, but the point of your adventure is not the amount of likes you get on your Instagram.  The point of your adventure is to live the experience to the fullest, to be completely engaged in the moment, and to keep those moments with you for the rest of your life.

Borja Aguirre - Jinga Experience Traveler

Photo Jinga Style–after an hour hike you deserve the photo


We don’t give tours. We provide experiences.

This is why our 3-day and 6-day tours are crafted with these three principles in mind:

1. Balance

Our focus is to provide you with a balance between the enjoyable and the exciting in Rio de Janeiro. You will feel how the cosmopolitan life of the city blends in with the backdrop of its stunning tropical landscape. You will sweat your way up a hike to gain perspective of the city and kick back on white sanded beaches with coconut water. You will dance the night away to smooth Brazilian rhythms and savor its simple yet exotic cuisine. We will make the most out of your time without shuffling you around like cattle. Balance is essential to any memorable experience.

2. Flexibility

There is no such thing as a one tour fits all. Each person has a different travel style. This is why we offer three distinct tours: Adventure, Culture, and the Weekend Warrior with 3, 6, and 8 day options. Even within the tours we have flexible itineraries that can change based on the best things to do during a certain time of year. Rio is not the same city in January as it is in June, so neither are our experiences.

3. Authenticity

Unfortunately this is an overused word, but the truth of the matter is your experience with us will be local, real, raw, authentic, or whatever word you choose to express this sentiment. Experience Travel is about getting off the beaten path and seeing what a city truly has to offer.

With Jinga, we will open you to the real Rio. Who knows, your next move or vacation might wind up back in this tropical paradise. It wouldn’t be the first time, just ask us.


Check out our Experiences page to see which travel style suits you best.


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