What to do in the Rain in Rio de Janeiro

With a stretch and a yawn, you look at your phone and see a 15 percent chance of rain in Rio de Janeiro. Friday nights are hard to say no to, but somehow you did it. You stuck to your guns and made the last beer early to pull yourself away and awake well rested for your hike.  Unfortunately, the forecast is shenanigans. The weather guys here, well, let’s just say some days they win some, some days they still can’t believe it’s not butter. Until they work it out we’re on our own.

So out goes innocent you into the street, ready to go, to be welcomed by a clap of thunder…

Rain in Rio de Janeiro…

Rain in Rio de Janeiro - Jinga Experience

It might look like today’s not your day to hike the “Dois Irmãos” Mountain or snap the Sugarloaf photo you always wanted, but there is still hope, and here’s how:

First, replace Fran the office doughnut lady with a quiosque of green coconuts and cold beers on Copacabana or Ipanema Beach. Turn the water tower into a palm tree, the fluorescent lights into fresh air, and make the din of traffic on the highway below waves, licking your sandy toes as you look over the islands just a few kilometers out. It might be a little wet, but the beach is empty and all your’s.

Rain in Rio de Janeiro - Dois Irmãos in the clouds

The Dois Irmãos may be a bust but the beach will be all to your self!

If you need a coffee before all of that, head over to the “Forte de Copacabana” close by. Enjoy the open buffet breakfast and one of the most picturesque views of the city. After filling up on fruit you still can’t pronounce the name of, take a troll around the “forte” and read a little about Rio de Janeiro History. 

A walk around Centro just needs an umbrella

After the casual meander head over to the downtown, buy and cheap colorful typical tourist Rio de Janeiro umbrella from one of the street venders and continue the sightseeing.

City Tour Rio de Janeiro - Jinga Experience

Rain in Rio de Janeiro shouldn’t stop you from exploring

After wandering the busy streets seek some refuge in one of the Museums in Praça Maua, the new focal point of Rio’s Downtown. If an entrance fee may steer you away try the famous CCBB, always exhibiting fascinating works.

If hunger strikes soon you must go to the Confeitaria Colombo

Santa Teresa is always nice, rain or shine

If you can hold off that quick bit until the early afternoon, take the Bonde (trolly) up to the bohemian capital of Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa, and enjoy the traditional Feijoada at one of restaurants on the cobble stones streets, its hard to go wrong. Nothing can cap of a cultural rainy day in Rio de Janeiro quite like a warm bean stew. After this meal you will happily curl up in your hotel bed and let the rain splash on the window sill, only to rest up and hit the streets at night, because Samba Tambourines still play loud even when the rain in Rio de Janeiro comes down.

The Botanical Gardens in the rain is pure zen

Maybe the City Center sounds a little to busy for a rainy day… In that case make your way to the Botanical Gardens and just drift through the park with the sound of rain drops hitting palm trees, lily pads, and flower petals.

Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro - Jinga Experience

Jardim Botânico - Jinga Experience


A beautiful day in Rio should be spent outside, so consider today your chance to get the culture you normally would miss out on. Here are some of our favorite events from last year, imagine what this year will bring:



Museu de Arte Moderno

Ron Mueck 

Caixa Cultural 

Ron English

Museu da Arte do Rio de Janeiro 


Looks like it could be your lucky day after all.



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