End of Vacations and the Birth of Experiences – Why Guided Trips are More Authentic

No More Vacations, We Want Experiences!

The goal of the modern traveler is to have an authentic experience. We want to explore the path less traveled. We want to connect with people, both global travelers and locals. We want to learn new ways of living, continually broadening our horizons. Simply put, we want to leave thinking of more than just what we saw, but what we felt. This is the essence of experience travel.


Going on vacation and simply laying on the beach isn’t good enough anymore. Don’t get me wrong, a few days relaxing, drinking some caipirinhas and eating fresh shrimp can and must be part of any adventure to a tropical paradise, but it is the means to an end, not the end itself. The end is the experience.


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So how do we find the most authentic experience?


One place people rarely look when seeking authenticity is a guided trip. Much of this sentiment is deserved. Day tours are standardized and boring and there are too many used car-salesmen like guides out there regurgitating the same information and trying to up-sell you on parts of the tour that weren’t included in the package. Nobody wants that and these packaged tours must be avoided at all costs.


But,  I’m here to tell you that multiple day guided trips, done the right way, are the most authentic way for short-term travel.


How is this possible?


It’s simple really. When traveling to a major metropolis like Rio de Janeiro for a few days or even a couple weeks, it is impossible to have a truly authentic experience on your own. You simply do not know the city well enough. It’s not your fault. It’s just not realistic to know about a city what people who have lived for years or their entire lives do. There is no coincidence that touristy places have very few locals. It’s because the locals know of the real cool things to do and avoid the traps.


So, the goal is to travel LIKE a local and the only way to do that when time is limited is to travel WITH a local.

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Discover places other don’t get the chance to – Bar DaLage – Rio de Janeiro

This is where Jinga comes in.


Our guides are dynamic, tri-lingual and know Rio de Janeiro inside and out. They know what to do based on the time of year and that specific weekend you arrive. Rio de Janeiro is a city in constant motion and change and so are our experiences.


Listen, if you are backpacking around South America for 6 months and have no timeframe for where you need to be, then perhaps a guided tour isn’t your best option. Unless of course, you only have a short amount of time in a particular city and want to experience its true nature before heading off to another destination.

However, for the rest of us, we have to get back to work, our lives, our families. While spending a few months exploring Brazil may seem like an amazing experience, our present realities don’t allow that as an option.


For those of us with fast-paced lives the lesson is this: multiple day guided trips are the way to go.


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